Customer agrees to accept the Terms & Conditions of this Rental Agreement between themselves {Customer) & El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited, (The Rental Company)

The rental fee for all items is based on one day and one use and is payable in full, in advance, except  for charge accounts. The rental terms shall run from actual delivery, to the actual pickup of the rental equipment. The rental fee only includes setup of tents, bouncers and dancefloors. Setup or breakdown fees otherwise, are additional and must be arranged in advance.

Standard operating hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday, (excluding Public Holidays). All events for Sundays will be delivered in advance usually the prior business day. If delivery must be made on Sunday our outside of these hours, additional fees will incur.

There are delivery charges for orders under $30.00 with additional fees charged for delivery in Lyford Cay/Old Fort Bay area and surrounding areas.

Rental payments can be made by CASH, CREDIT CARDS, and CHEQUES. In the event that a cheque is returned by any customer, there is a service fee of $30.00 in addition to the original sum owed. All Renter’s agree to a Late payment penalty of 1.5% per month on any and all outstanding balances.

The Rental agrees that El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by the use of rental items. The Renter acknowledges that there are weight and other restrictions on various equipment, e.g. chairs, bouncing castles, etc.

The Rental agrees to take full responsibility for proper setup of equipment, eg/ ensuring table legs are open and locked for fill stability. There is no warranty that rented items are free of defect.

If equipment is delivered and accepted by Customer under no circumstance shall the customer be entitled to any form of Refund whatsoever including if the customer elects not to use the equipment due to weather or other causes

El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited cannot guarantee weather conditions & reserves to the right to cancel or reschedule your rental prior to delivery, if severe weather conditions, such as high winds, excessive rain or lightening are imminent or it is believed that the equipment or its users bay be in dancer.

-Tents are temporary structures designed to handle most weather conditions, however evacuation is suggested in case of high winds or lightening or other unsafe conditions

-Deliveries and pickups are to be made on ground level of property, any delivery outside of this (stairs etc. are additional) and must be arranged and paid in advance at the Office.

– The renter or his/her assigns must be available to count all items upon delivery & pickup, otherwise El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited counts will be considered final and accurate.

Customers are to acknowledge that all items received are in good conditions after inspecting. If not received in good conditions, customer must advise the office immediately and prior to use.

Responsibility for all rental equipment remains with the Customer from the time of delivery and terminates upon time of Pickup. The customer will be responsible to pay the fill replacement cost for all items that may be missing, damaged, stolen etc. while items are at Customer’s premises. Customers should not cause nor permit their items to be sub-rented, sold or moved from Delivery address or otherwise, without express consent of El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited.

Please ensure all equipment are protected & secured from the weather, when not in use.

Bouncing castles operating/safety guides must be read & acknowledged, by signing prior to rental of items.

To avoid additional charge, all equipment must be ready for pickup when our driver arrives.

-Tables & Chairs must be folded and stacked.

-China, Glassware, utensils and food preparation equipment must be rinsed, food-free and replaced in the containers provided. Chairs are not to be used for cooking, backing or grilling, security deposit will only be returned upon verifying equipment is in order.

-Linen should be folded & particles free and shaken before placing them in their bags. If damp they should be aired to avoid soiling & mildew. Linens that are returned with burns, wax, holes, tears, permanently stained, damp with mildew and or otherwise usable will be billed at replacement cost.

Reservation not cancelled 7 days in advance will be charged full rental fee. After this time, there will be no Cash return, only a credit applied towards future rentals.

Orders placed on same day of function will incur a same day fee. An additional delivery fee will be incurred for additional orders placed after our initial delivery.

If by reason of any breach of the terms and condition of the Rental Contract by Renter, causing termination of this contract, El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited and its Agents will retake the Equipment without notice or legal process as well as take all action reasonably necessary to regain possession.

While El Shaddai Party Rentals Limited is desirous of providing all clients with the best possible pricing and service, please note that our Prices are subject to change without notice

Emergency Contacts: (242) 676-9281 or (242) 454-0919 & (242) 891-0919 (Jeffrey Pinder)